Gourmet Streetfood

At A Tu Bola, the food is shaped as a ball.

We have meat balls, fish balls, and veggie balls. A ball is the perfect way to blend many ingredients into one cohesive dish.

Rather than having a set list of what you are allowed to order, we instead let you take your own path and choose what ingredients and sides you want. You can have any ball, bread, salad, and side combination. Choose to have the ball fried, baked, crispy, steamy, cauterized, or some combination of these! Each ball is unique and each ball tells a story: yours!

Round Fast food

Our Concept of Food

The balls and the seasonal Salads are prepared in our restaurant using fresh local produce. We use local vendors only, and rely on their fresh and tasty products to make our meals. Sauces are also prepared in our restaurant, and serve to complement the balls and create a wonderful, balanced meal.

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